Sunday, May 12, 2013


KENNEWICK — McLoughlin High School placed second in both boys and girls Special District 4 tennis action here at the Tri-Cities Court Club.
Umatilla outscored the Mac-Hi boys 41-26 and the Umatilla girls won the district title 47-19 over the Pioneer girls.
Mac-Hi’s Ulises Zaragoza won two matches to lead the Pioneers. Zaragoza, after winning two, was defeated by eventual district champion Michael Gehrke of Stanfield. Gehrke won 6-2, 6-1. Gehrke went on to defeat Umatilla’s Martin Rubio, 7-6 (1), 6-4 to win the district singles title.
On the girls side, Estefani Lamas picked up two wins for the Pioneers. Lamas defeated Riverside’s Bianca Barajas and Stanfield’s Guitzell Chavez, before being defeated by eventual district champion Maddie Belshe for Sherman County.  Then lost to Ashley Longoria who finished 3rd; 6-3 6-3.
In doubles play, TigerScots Luke Schnidtgall and Caleb Olsen defeated Ione’s Tanner Bass and Victor Mayers. Mac-Hi’s Rafael Villagomez and Mauricio Gomez then defeated Schnidtgall and Olsen 6-0, 6-1. Mac-Hi’s Alex Alvarez and Carlos Angel also won their opening match, but all the double teams were eliminated in their next effort. The pair of Daniel Gacilazo and Alejandro Madrigal from Umatilla won the district title over Edgar Magana and Ramiro Rubio 7-5 4-6 7-6 (4) .
On the girls side, Mac-Hi’s Kaylee Davis and Kassidy Harris defeated Riverside’s Matalie Melendez and Shellie Munoz, 6-0, 6-0, before dropping a match and being eliminated by  Umatilla’s pair of Norma Chavez and Karina Ortiz. Vanessa Gomez and Erika Landa picked up a 6-0, 6-0 win  for the Pioneers, but were eliminated in their next match.
Umatilla’s Murauda Cranston and Anali Rubio won the title with a three set win , 7-5, 4-6, 6-1, over Stanfield’s Yazell Chavez and Mariela Carrillo.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

UHS Tennis vs Ione

Ione at Umatilla
Boys: Ione 4-2. Singles—Danny Garcilazo (U) def. Kai Arbogast 8-0; Victor Meyer (I) def. Koty Nobles 8-4; Daichi Walters (I) def. Nick Hodge 8-3. Doubles—Martin Rubio/Ramiro Rubio (U) def. Victor Meyer/Daichi Walters 8-2; Kai Arbogast/Victor Meyer (I) def. Adrian Martinez/Julio Martinez 9-8 (6); Daichi Walters/Kai Arbogast (I) def. Jaime Madrigal/Alejandro Madrigal 8-5.
Girls: Umatilla 6-0. Singles—Holly Lougee (U) def. Julianne Carlson 8-2; Ashley Longoria (U) def. Larissa Jones 8-2; Sidney Webb (U) def. Cassidy Braun 8-0. Doubles—Ashley Longoria/Holly Lougee (U) def. Rita McEliigott/Karina Rios 8-1; Sidney Webb/Cassie Hines (U) def. Larissa Jones/Karina Rios 8-0; Ashley Longoria/Holly Lougee (U) def. Cassida Braun/Rita McEliigott 8-0.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UHS Tennis vs Mac High

MILTON-FREEWATER — Mac-Hi’s tennis teams faced their rival Umatilla Vikings here Tuesday, with the Pioneer boys falling 8-3 and the girls tying, 5-5.
“It is always a day full of competitive tennis and great sportsmanship,” Mac-Hi coach Michelle Snyder said. “Umatilla men have made some changes in their roster since our last pair-up and were able to beat us.”
“It was a disappointing loss, but motivation for the boys to work hard for the remainder of the week before we meet up again at the Umatilla tournament this Saturday,” Snyder said.
On the girls side, “the ladies also had a great day of tennis,” Snyder said. “The last time we met Umatilla head-to-head the girls’ team only had one win. Today they were able to clinch five wins out of the 10 matches that were played.”
Boys scores
SINGLES — Martin Rubio, Uma, def Ulises Zaragoza, Mac-Hi, 8-3; Christian Mendoza, Uma, def Tyler McElrath, Mac-Hi, 8-5; Ariel Martinez, Mac-Hi, def Joey Routson, Uma, 8-3; Edgar Magana, Uma, def Freddy Rodriguez, Mac-Hi, 8-2; Stephen Groce, Uma, def Allan Ng, Mac-Hi, 8-5; Adrian Madrigal, Uma, def Rigo Ponce, 8-6; Osvaldo Medrano, Mac-Hi, def Edward Juarez, Uma, 8-1.
DOUBLES — Danny Garcilazo/Alejandro Madrigal, Uma, def Carlos Angel/Alex Alvarez, Mac-Hi, 8-2; Edgar Magana/Ramiro Rubio, Uma, def Mauricio Gomez/Rafael Villegomez, Mac-Hi, 8-3; Martin Rubio/Julio Martinez, Uma, def Ivan Uribe/Zak Lyon, Mac-Hi, 8-3; Alex Alvarez/Cristian Torres, Mac-Hi, def Koty Nobles/Nick Hodge, Uma, 8-4.
Team scores — Umatilla 8, Mac-Hi 3
Girls scores
SINGLES — Susan Routson, Uma, def Estefani Lamas, Mac-Hi, 8-2; Makenzie Fite, Mac-Hi, def Ashley Longoria, Uma, 8-3; Tasha Marshall, Mac-Hi, def Holly Lougee, Uma, 9-7; Elise Griffith, Mac-Hi, def Montana Charles, Uma, 8-2.
DOUBLES — Ana Rubio/Muranda Cransten, Uma, def Kaylee Davis/Kassidy Harris, Mac-Hi, 8-3; Kaylee Davis/Kassidy Harris, Mac-Hi, def Karina Ortiz/Norma Chavez, Uma, 8-5; Cheris Smith/Sydney Webb, Uma, def Giselle Flores/Maria Castillo, Mac-Hi, 8-1; Holly Lougee/Ashley Langoria, Uma, def Erika Landa/Vanessa Gomez, Mac-Hi, 8-1; Selena Duran/Shailie Allen, Mac-Hi, def Cassie Hines/Jennifer Brown, Uma, 8-2; Montana Charles/Cheris Smith, Uma, def Ana Rodriguez/Maria Rayo, Mac-Hi, 8-1.

UHS vs Riverside

BOARDMAN - The Riverside Pirates hosted the Umatilla Vikings in tennis on Friday, April 5, 2013.
In men's singles action Josue Garcia of Boardman defeated Chistian Mendoza 8-2. Julio Marinez of Umatilla defeated Daniel Hood. In men's doubles play Danny Garcilazo and Martin Rubio of Umatilla defeated Linda Ruiz and Daniel Hood 6-1. On the ladies side in singles Susan Routson of Umatilla defeated Letty Alvarez. Prow Jong of Riverside defeated Ashley Longoria. In ladies doubles Muranda Cranston and Anali Rubio of Umatilla defeated Paola Cuevar 6-1. Norma Chavez and Karina Ortiz of Umatilla defeated Paige Bither and Blanca Barajas 6-4. Sydney Webb and Cheris Smith Umatilla defeated Linda Ruis and Stephanie Madrigal 6-0. Crystal Mienke and Jennifer Brown of Umatilla defeated Natalie Malendez and Vicki Coria 6-2. Linda Ruis and Stephanie Madrigal of Riverside defeated Holly Lougee and Cassie Hines 6-4

UHS vs Athena

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Karina Ortiz of Umatilla hits a two handed back hand shot during her and team mate Norma Chavez's doubles match with Lizzy Carlyle and Kyra Fairchild of Weston-McEwen. [img_1023]

Umatilla Hosts Weston-McEwen and Condon-Wheeler In Tennis

<!-Lady Vikings Sweep Every Match>

Lady Vikings Sweep Every Match
<!-Irrigon will play the first round OSAA 2A state playoff game with the Delphian Dragons on Friday, February 22, 2013 at 6:00PM>

Posted Wednesday, April 10, 2013
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UMATILLA - The Umatilla Vikings hosted Weston-McEwen and Condon-Wheeler in tennis on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. It was a sunny but breezy day at Umatilla with the temperature around 65 degrees. The Umatilla Lady Vikings swept all their matches, both singles and doubles. The men split their matches. In ladies singles action against Condon-Wheeler Susan Routson of Umatilla defeated Kayleanna Hoover 8-0, Norma Chavez defeated Taylor Watters 8-0 and Cassie Hines defeated Jordan McKay 8-2. In ladies doubles play with Condon-Wheeler Cheris Smith and Sydney Webb defeated Jordan McKay and Megan Thoreson 8-1. Crystal Meinke and Jennifer Brown defeated Paige Ackerman and Toni Blanchard 8-0. In ladies singles action with Weston-McEwen Sydney Webb of Umatilla defeated So Yeong Lee 8-1, In ladies doubles action with Weston-McEwen Muranda Cranston and Anali Rubio of Umatilla defeated Sara Wimett 8-0. Norma Chavez and Karina Ortiz of Umatilla defeated Lizzy Carlyle and Kyra Fairchild 8-1. In men's action with Condon-Wheeler and Weston-McEwen Josh Lambert of Weston-McEwen defeated Martin Rubio 9-7. Daniel Garcilazo of Umatill defeated Alex Gilsdorf 8-1. Ramiro Rubio of Umatilla defeated Logan McDowell 8-0. In men's doubles action Caleb Olsen and Josh Lambert of Weston-McEwen defeated Alejandro Madrigal and Joey Routson 8-6. Umatila coach Keith Gerbers commented on a Weston-McEwen player, "I was really impressed with Josh Lambert, I think he will be a force in this district."
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Cassie Hines of Umatilla focuses on the approaching ball as she gets in position to hit a two handed backhand shot. [img_0900] <!-Anthony Landeros of Irrigon drives to the basket for a lay up. LEFT [img_0540] - RIGHT [img_0548]> <!-LEFT - Stanfield players line the dugout fence in support of their teammate at bat. [img_0286] RIGHT - Ross Mendiola, the Stanfield shortstop. [img_0301]>

<!-Adrian Romero of Irrigon drives to the basket for a lay up at the 3:04 mark of the second quarter. He was fouled and once again hit one out of two freethrows. Moments later he hit a trey on the next possesion. [img_2274]> <!-Hermiston's starting pitcher Paige Long. LEFT [img_0574] - RIGHT [img_0584]> LEFT - Norma Chavez of Umatilla serving in her match with Taylor Watters of Condon-Wheeler. [img_0798] RIGHT - Martin Rubio of Umatilla hits a return shot. [img_0829]

<!-Adrian Romero of Irrigon swishes a freethrow. [img_2283]> <!-A dance team performed at halftime with a circus theme that had a vibe similar to Peter Max designs from the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. LEFT [img_0603] - RIGHT [img_0620]> LEFT - Umatilla's Martin Rubio hits a backhand shot. [img_0835] RIGHT - Cassie Hines of Umatilla hits a shot. [img_0866]

<!-Jose Romero of Irrigon, number 15 in black, grabs a rebound. [img_2377]> <!-Speedy Fredy Vera races to score on a fast break. LEFT [img_0638] - RIGHT [img_0650]> LEFT - Martin Rubio of Umatilla hits a shot. [img_0879] RIGHT- Umatilla's Martin Rubio runs down a shot. [img_0910]

<!-Jenna Shimer of Riverside, in white, jostles for position against Sloane Jespersen of Nyssa. [img_6119]> <!-The Irrigon High Band performs during a break at the OSAA 2A State Tournament at Pendleton, OR on Wednesday, February 27, 2013. LEFT [img_0721] - RIGHT [img_727]> LEFT - Martin Rubio of Umatilla returns a serve. [img_0929] RIGHT - Umatilla's Karina Ortiz prepares to hit a two handed shot. [img_0953]

<!-McKenzie Byrd of Hermiston takes a shot. [img_0741]> <!-Hermiston's dance team performed during halftime of the game with Liberty. LEFT [img_7820] - RIGHT [img_7823]> LEFT - Karina Ortiz of Umatilla takes a moment's rest during her doubles match. [img_0964] RIGHT - Ramiro Rubio of Umatilla hits a shot. [img_1001]

<!-IMG SRC="">
Ramiro Rubio of Umatilla hits a return shot.

UHS Tennis vs LaGrande

LaGrande at Umatilla Boys: Umatilla 4, LaGrande 1. Singles—Martin Rubio (U) d. Tanner Wilson 8-2; Edgar Magana (U) d. Josh Ebel 8-6; Ramiro Rubio (U) d. Wyatt Schcaltt (U) 8-1. Doubles—Daniel Garcilazo-Alejandro Madrigal (U) d. Derek Yohannen-Caleb Owens 8-0; Sheyland Sands-Zach Sherrod (L) d. Christian Mendoza-Edward Juarez 8-4. Girls: Umatilla 5, LaGrande 1. Singles—Susan Rouston (U) d. Katasebastian Azola 2-6, 6-4, 7-6 (1); Ashley Longoria (U) d. Ashley Orton 8-5; Kaite Aldrich (L) d. Cassie Hines (U) 8-1. Doubles—Muranda Cranston-Anali Rubio (U) d. Lauren Mills-Ana Griggsby 6-3, 7-6 (9-7); Karina Ortiz-Norma Chavez (U) d. Avery Stanton-Alina Clemens 8-2; Jennifer Brown-Crystal Mieneke (U) d. Sydney Gentelman-Jaxmine Hickey 8-4. Read more here:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UHS vs Mac High

Boys: Umatilla 8-3. Singles—Martin Rubio (U) d. Ulises Zaragoza 8-3; Christian Mendoza (U) d. Tyler McElrath 8-5; Ariel Martinez (M) d. Joey Routson 8-3; Edgar Magana (U) d. Freddy Rodriguez 8-2; Stephen Groce (U) d. Allan Ng 8-5; Adrian Madrigal (U) d. Pego Ponce 8-6; Osvaldo Medrano (M) d. Edward Juarez 8-1. Doubles—Danny Garcilazo-Alejandro Madrigal (U) d. Alex Alvarez-Carlos Angel 8-2; Edgar Magana-Ramiro Rubio (U) d. Rafael Vollagomez-Mauricio Gomez 8-3; Daniel Garcilazo-Julio Martinez (U) d. Ivan Uribe-Zak Lyon 8-3; Alex Alvarez-Christain Torres (M) d. Koty Nobles-Nick Hodge 8-4. Read more here:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

UHS vs Condon/ Wheeler and Athena

By Tri-City Herald Condon-Wheeler at Umatilla Girls: Umatilla 5, Condon-Wheeler 0. Singles—Susan Routson (U) def. Kayleanna Hoover 8-0; Norma Chavez (U) def. Taylor Watters 8-0; Cassie Hines (U) def. Jordan McKay 8-2. Doubles—Cheris Smith/Sydney Webb (U) def. Jordan McKay/Megan Thoreson 8-1; Crystal Meinke/Jennifer Brown (U) def. Paige Ackerman/Toni Blanchard 8-0. Weston-McEwen at Umatilla Boys: Umatilla 2, Weston-McEwen 2. Singles—Josh Lambert (WM) def. Martin Rubio 9-7; Daniel Garcilazo (U) def. Alex Gilsdorf 8-1; Ramiro Rubio (U) def. Logan McDowell 8-0. Doubles—Caleb Olsen/Josh Lambert (WM) def. Alejandro Madrigal/Joey Routson 8-6. Girls: Umatilla 3, Weston-McEwen 0. Singles—Sydney Webb (U) def. So Yeong Lee 8-1. Doubles—Muranda Cranston/Anali Rubio (U) def. Sara Wimett/Alexis Zimuda 8-0; Norma Chavez/Karina Ortiz (U) def. Lizzy Carlyle/Kyra Fairchild. Read more here:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Umatilla vs SC

By the Tri-City Herald Martin Rubio and Alejandro Madrigal both posted boys singles wins for Umatilla in a win over Sherman Counry, and the Vikings girls swept all three doubles matches. Boys: Umatilla 2, Sherman County 1. Singles—Brian Simantel (SC) d. Christian Mendoza 7-5, 3-6, 6-0; Martin Rubio (U) d. Alex Riggs 8-3; Alejandro Madrigal (U) won 8-1. Girls: Umatilla 4, Sherman County 1. Singles—Maddie Belshe (SC) d. Susan Routson 7-5, 7-6 (7-5); Karina Ortiz (U) d. Karolyn Kaseberg 8-6. Doubles—Muranda Cranston/Anali Rubio (U) d. Janet Guzman/Kaseberg 6-2, 6-0; Cheris Smith/Sydney Webb (U) won 8-1; Holly Lougee/Montana Charles (U) won 8-3.. Read more here:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Umatilla sends 9 to tennis districts

Umatilla sends 6 to tennis districts

Posted: 12:00am on May 12, 2012; Modified: 10:55am on May 12, 2012
KENNEWICK -- Umatilla advanced four singles players and two doubles teams at the 4A/3A/2A/1A Oregon district tournament at Tri-City Court Club in Kennewick.
In girls singles, Susan Routson won 6-0, 6-0 to move on, while in girls doubles Karina Ortiz and Norma Chavez won 6-2, 6-0 to advance. As well as Muranda Cranston and Anali Rubio 6-0 6-2
On the boys side, Martin Rubio won 6-1, 6-0 and Cole Reiner won 6-0, 6-0 to stay alive. Daniel Garcilazo and Edgar Magana won 6-2, 6-2 to move on.
Stanfield's Michael Gehrke won 6-1, 6-1 to advance as well.

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2012 District Champions

Prep tennis: Viking netters dominate district

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Posted: Saturday, May 12, 2012 10:07 pm | Updated: 10:09 pm, Sat May 12, 2012.
KENNEWICK, Wash. — The Umatilla Vikings nearly made it a clean sweep at the Special District 4 tennis tournament, held over two days at Tri-City Court Club in Kennewick, Wash.
Sherman County’s Scott Stroud put a blemish on an otherwise Vikings-dominated final round on Saturday, but even his title in boys’ singles wasn’t enough to derail Umatilla’s domination of both brackets.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tennis @ Tri City Court Club

Tri-City Court Club stages Oregon prep tournament

By the Herald staff

KENNEWICK -- Umatilla's Susan Routson defeated Riverside's Stephanie Fuentez 6-0, 3-6, 6-3 and Naomi Castannon defeated Ione's Mary McElligott 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 to earn the Vikings two seeds into today's girls singles semifinals for the Oregon 2A district tournament at Tri-City Court Club.

Also qualifying for today's semis for Umatilla were the doubles teams of Muranda Cranston and Anali Rubio, who defeated Stanfield's Mariella Carillo and Yazell Chavez 6-4 and 6-1, and BreAnna Watson and Diana Manriquez, who defeated Mac-Hi's Estafani Lamas and Glenda Lamas 6-1, 4-6, 6-0.

Oregon 2A

Umatilla's Naomi Castannon fell 6-4, 6-1 to Marnie Fitzsimmons of Condon in the girls singles finale, and the teamup of BreAnna Watson and Diana Manriquez lost 6-1, 6-1 to Melanie and Maddie Belshe of Sherman County in the doubles championship to give the Vikings two second-place finishes in the Oregon 2A district championships at Tri-City Court Club.

Umatilla earned fourth-place finishes from Susan Routson in singles, Muranda Cranston and Anali Rubio in doubles

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2011 District Champions; Ladies Program

KENNEWICK — The Mac-Hi boys’ and Umatilla girls’ tennis teams won Special District 4 team titles on Saturday.

Mac-Hi scored 32 points to beat out Sherman (25) and Condon (20). Umatilla scored 34 to beat Sherman (24) while Condon and Stanfield tied in third with 15.

“I can say for certainty that the ladies of the program worked hard to win the district title,” said Umatilla coach Keith Gebers. “Lead buy seniors (Naomi) Castannon, (BreAnna) Watson, and (Diana) Manriquez, all nine players for the district team were instrumental in the title. I cannot image this program without those three (seniors). They have all been to state two times and are the cornerstone of the team.”

Sherman’s Scott Stroud beat Condon’s Clabe Widner for the boys’ singles title 6-0, 6-0. Condon’s Marlon Willecke got third after beating Stanfield’s Michael Gerhke 6-4, 6-1. The top four places go to state.

Mac-Hi’s Anthony Martinez and Kevin Ochoa backed up their No. 1 seed in doubles play with the title, beating teammates Luis Alvarez and David Camarena 6-4, 6-3 in the finals. Alvarez and Camarena were the No. 2 seed.

“The two teams from Mac-Hi and Stroud have a good chance at doing something at state,” said Gebers. “Martinez has state experience that should help him in the stress of the state championships.”

Also going to state are Helix’s Benn Fordice and Kevin Schatlzlein, which finished one above their No. 5 seed after losing 6-4, 6-4 to Sherman’s Terron Casper and John Carcedo in the third/fourth place game.

Condon’s Marnie Fitzsimmons won the girls’ singles title, beating Stanfield’s Joy Brammer 6-4, 6-1 in the finals.

“She did great and she showed poise on the court,” Gebers said of Fitzsimmons

Umatilla No. 2 seed Naomi Castannon beat teammate Susan Routson in the third/fourth place game 6-4, 7-6 (7-5).

Sherman top seed Melanie Belshe and Maddie Belshe won the girls’ doubles title 6-1, 6-1 over Umatilla No. 2 seed BreAnna Watson and Diana Manriquez.

The Vikings duo of Muranda Cranston and Anali Rubio also is state-bound after a fourth-place finish to Sherman’s Krista Perisho and Chloe Van Gilder 7-6 (9-7), 2-6, 6-4.

Gebers said Perisho and Van Gilder spent more than six hours on the court for their tournament run.

“They seriously should have been charged for court time,” he joked.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Riverside @ UHS


UMATILLA 7, RIVERSIDE 0 — In Umatilla, the Umatilla Vikings took advantage of the great weather to get in a last-minute tune-up for districts against Riverside.

Naomi Watson won No. 1 singles 8-2 over Melanie Mejia; BreAnna Watson won No. 2 singles 8-4 over Nuvia Ramierez and Susan Routson and Ashley Longoria won Nos. 3 and 4 singles 8-0 over Stephanie Fuentes and Geurgina Rios, respectively.

BreAnna Watson teamed with Diana Manriquez to beat Brenda Gutierrez/Alondra Ramierez 8-0; CJ Evans/Hannah Seufert beat Leticia Alvarez/Paola Cuevas 8-4; and Muranda Cranston/Anali Rubio beat Sara Bose/Linda Ruiz 8-1.

In boys’ action, the Vikings’ Martin Rubio beat Josue Garcia of Riverside 8-3 and Cristian Mendoza beat Garcia 8-6.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Umatilla Hosts Stanfield & Weston McEwen

Christian Mendoza of Umatilla returns a shot during his match with Daniel Winn of Weston McEwen. [img_2141]

Umatilla Hosts Stanfield & Weston McEwen

Posted Monday May 9, 2010

UMATILLA - The Umatilla Vikings hosted Stanfield and Weston-McEwen in tennis action on Friday, April 29, 2011.

Umatilla vs Stanfield
In men's singles action Umatilla split 2-2 and in doubles won 2-1. In women's singles action Umatilla won 4-1. In doubles Umatilla won 5-0.

Umatilla vs Weston-McEwen
In men's singles action Umatilla won 3-1 and in doubles actions won 2-1. In wonen's singles action Umatilla won 4-0, In doubles Umatilla won 1-0.

Men's Singles
Martin Rubio UHS def Michael Gehrke SHS 8-5
Tyler Botts SHS def Jacob Lowrance UHS 8-6
Omar Dominguez UHS def David Julio SHS 8-5
Jason Whelan SHS def Nick Hodge UHS 8-1
Daniel Winn WM def Christian Mendoza UHS 8-2
Edgar Magana UHS def Josh Lambert WM 8-2
Omar Dominguez UHS def Chris Hamby WM 8-2
Cody Forrester UHS def Logan McDowell WM 8-3

Men's Doubles
Pedro Ortiz/Cole Reiner UHS def Tyler Botts/David Nichols SHS 8-5
Clayton Forshee/Jordan Brown UHS def Jason Whelan/L Montez SHS 8-3
Michael Gehrke/David Nichols SHS def Kody Nobles/Cody Forrester 8-0
Clayton Forshee/Jordan Brown UHS def Daniel Winn/Josh Lambert 8-6
Daniel Garcialazo/Roberto Moncada UHS def Alex Gilsdorf/Luke Schmidtgall WM 8-3
Alex Gilsdorf/Luke Schmidtgall WM def Koty Nobles/Nick Hodge SHS 8-3

Women's Singles
Susan Routson UHS def Joy Bremmer SHS 8-4
Ashley Longoria UHS def Genisis Chavez SHS 8-2
Anali Rubio UHS def J Santiago SHS 8-4
Brandi Carlson UHS def Hailey Cox SHS 8-2
C Gomez SHS def Anna Linn UHS 8-5
Susan Routson UHS def Melissa Huskey WM 8-0
Muranda Cranston UHS def Lizzy Carlyle WM 8-3
Brandi Carlson UHS def Sarah Winnett WM 6-2
Stephanie Klucas UHS def Alexis Zmuda WM 8-5

Women's Doubles
BreAnna Watson/Diana Manriquez UHS def Mariella Carillo/Yazell Chavez SHS 8-4
Hannah Seufert/CJ Evans UHS def Kady Kaczmar/Brooke Ables SHS 8-1
Muranda Cranston/Anali Rubio UHS def Janet Torres/Edith Ibarra SHS 8-2
Anna Linn/Chrissy Tooley UHS def J Torres/A Longhorn SHS 6-1
Brandi Carlson/Stephanie Klucas UHS def B Flores/M Caldera SHS 6-0
Norma Chavez/Karina Ortiz UHS def Sarah Winnett/Alexis Zmuda WM 8-1

LEFT - Jason Whelan of Stanfield serves during the matches at Umatilla on April 29, 2011. [img_1930] RIGHT - Umatilla's Nick Hodge returns a shot. [img_1946]

LEFT - Anali Rubio of Umatilla hits a shot during her match with Judith Santiago of Stanfield. [img_1977] RIGHT - Judith Santiago of Stanfield returns a shot from Anali Rubio. [img_2018]

LEFT - Anali Rubio hits a return shot. [img_2028] RIGHT - Anali Rubio gets into position to hit a backhand shot. [img_2050]

LEFT - Michael Gehrke of Stanfield serves during the doubles match that he and David Nichols had with Kody Nobles and Cody Forrester. [img_2059] RIGHT - Kody Nobles of Umatilla sets up to hit a return shot during a doubles match. [img_2064]

Daniel Winn of Weston-McEwen hitting shots during his match with Christian Mendoza of Umatilla. LEFT [img_2102] - RIGHT [img_2121]

Christian Mendoza of Umatilla hits return shots during his match with Daniel Winn of Weston-McEwen. LEFT[img_2129] - RIG