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UHS vs Athena

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Karina Ortiz of Umatilla hits a two handed back hand shot during her and team mate Norma Chavez's doubles match with Lizzy Carlyle and Kyra Fairchild of Weston-McEwen. [img_1023]

Umatilla Hosts Weston-McEwen and Condon-Wheeler In Tennis

<!-Lady Vikings Sweep Every Match>

Lady Vikings Sweep Every Match
<!-Irrigon will play the first round OSAA 2A state playoff game with the Delphian Dragons on Friday, February 22, 2013 at 6:00PM>

Posted Wednesday, April 10, 2013
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UMATILLA - The Umatilla Vikings hosted Weston-McEwen and Condon-Wheeler in tennis on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. It was a sunny but breezy day at Umatilla with the temperature around 65 degrees. The Umatilla Lady Vikings swept all their matches, both singles and doubles. The men split their matches. In ladies singles action against Condon-Wheeler Susan Routson of Umatilla defeated Kayleanna Hoover 8-0, Norma Chavez defeated Taylor Watters 8-0 and Cassie Hines defeated Jordan McKay 8-2. In ladies doubles play with Condon-Wheeler Cheris Smith and Sydney Webb defeated Jordan McKay and Megan Thoreson 8-1. Crystal Meinke and Jennifer Brown defeated Paige Ackerman and Toni Blanchard 8-0. In ladies singles action with Weston-McEwen Sydney Webb of Umatilla defeated So Yeong Lee 8-1, In ladies doubles action with Weston-McEwen Muranda Cranston and Anali Rubio of Umatilla defeated Sara Wimett 8-0. Norma Chavez and Karina Ortiz of Umatilla defeated Lizzy Carlyle and Kyra Fairchild 8-1. In men's action with Condon-Wheeler and Weston-McEwen Josh Lambert of Weston-McEwen defeated Martin Rubio 9-7. Daniel Garcilazo of Umatill defeated Alex Gilsdorf 8-1. Ramiro Rubio of Umatilla defeated Logan McDowell 8-0. In men's doubles action Caleb Olsen and Josh Lambert of Weston-McEwen defeated Alejandro Madrigal and Joey Routson 8-6. Umatila coach Keith Gerbers commented on a Weston-McEwen player, "I was really impressed with Josh Lambert, I think he will be a force in this district."
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Cassie Hines of Umatilla focuses on the approaching ball as she gets in position to hit a two handed backhand shot. [img_0900] <!-Anthony Landeros of Irrigon drives to the basket for a lay up. LEFT [img_0540] - RIGHT [img_0548]> <!-LEFT - Stanfield players line the dugout fence in support of their teammate at bat. [img_0286] RIGHT - Ross Mendiola, the Stanfield shortstop. [img_0301]>

<!-Adrian Romero of Irrigon drives to the basket for a lay up at the 3:04 mark of the second quarter. He was fouled and once again hit one out of two freethrows. Moments later he hit a trey on the next possesion. [img_2274]> <!-Hermiston's starting pitcher Paige Long. LEFT [img_0574] - RIGHT [img_0584]> LEFT - Norma Chavez of Umatilla serving in her match with Taylor Watters of Condon-Wheeler. [img_0798] RIGHT - Martin Rubio of Umatilla hits a return shot. [img_0829]

<!-Adrian Romero of Irrigon swishes a freethrow. [img_2283]> <!-A dance team performed at halftime with a circus theme that had a vibe similar to Peter Max designs from the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. LEFT [img_0603] - RIGHT [img_0620]> LEFT - Umatilla's Martin Rubio hits a backhand shot. [img_0835] RIGHT - Cassie Hines of Umatilla hits a shot. [img_0866]

<!-Jose Romero of Irrigon, number 15 in black, grabs a rebound. [img_2377]> <!-Speedy Fredy Vera races to score on a fast break. LEFT [img_0638] - RIGHT [img_0650]> LEFT - Martin Rubio of Umatilla hits a shot. [img_0879] RIGHT- Umatilla's Martin Rubio runs down a shot. [img_0910]

<!-Jenna Shimer of Riverside, in white, jostles for position against Sloane Jespersen of Nyssa. [img_6119]> <!-The Irrigon High Band performs during a break at the OSAA 2A State Tournament at Pendleton, OR on Wednesday, February 27, 2013. LEFT [img_0721] - RIGHT [img_727]> LEFT - Martin Rubio of Umatilla returns a serve. [img_0929] RIGHT - Umatilla's Karina Ortiz prepares to hit a two handed shot. [img_0953]

<!-McKenzie Byrd of Hermiston takes a shot. [img_0741]> <!-Hermiston's dance team performed during halftime of the game with Liberty. LEFT [img_7820] - RIGHT [img_7823]> LEFT - Karina Ortiz of Umatilla takes a moment's rest during her doubles match. [img_0964] RIGHT - Ramiro Rubio of Umatilla hits a shot. [img_1001]

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Ramiro Rubio of Umatilla hits a return shot.

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